The Nemedian


Name: Ajax Lamont (everyone calls him the Nemedian)
Age: 30 Ht: 6’1 Wt: 170 Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Skin: White
Witty, and charming. Makes fast friends and always seems to command the room. The defacto leader of the men in the fort.


Ajax is a Knight from Nemedia. He is the 1st born son to a minor lord. As a knight he served in the invasion of Aquilonia. He fought in several battles and served in garrison duty in Tarantia. When King Conan returned and defeated the Nemidians he was arrested and imprisoned. He remained in a dark prison for 3 long years learning the ways of the Barbarian to survive. Once paroled he made his way back to Nemedia to discover his father dead and his younger brother now head of the house and married to his wife. He had been believed dead by his family. Unable to cope with the situation he left Nemedia and created a small mercenary force composed mainly of other Nemedians who lost their status from the failed invasion.

Took part in the invasion of Shem by Khorajan forces.

Can be found in the town of Numodian in Nemedia.

The Nemedian

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